Thursday, January 8, 2015

Wake up! Wake up!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!

Yesterday was E-Day (aka, Embarkation Day).

None of this feels real. I feel like I am walking inside of a dream or floating outside my body.

Yesterday, I got on a bus and left home for 4 months. I got on a bus and left everything I know behind, for 4 whole months.

Yesterday, I entered a new world. The Explorer. The globe. They are both my living and learning home and campus for the next 4 months.

Yesterday, I met more people that I can ever imagine remembering. I'm sure I will remember at least 95% of them plus more by the end of the voyage but right now, there are just so many. And they are all so different! They span the country and the world! In the past 48 hours I have met people from Germany, South Africa, El Salvador, Bosnia Herzegovina, Mexico and the Netherlands, just to name a few as well, as people from California, Connecticut, Colorado, North Carolina, Oregon, Kansas, Kentucky, New York, Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas, and again, that is barely even a handful!

Yesterday, I stood on the deck of a ship and watched the shoreline, land, and lights disappear into the horizon, not being entirely sure when I would see them again.

Yesterday, my journey began.

Yesterday, my dream became real, I think J

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  1. I wish to make a correction, at least I hope! You did get on a bus but you only left the physical structures, the land and the buildings that you know behind. The people who love and care about you and all that you know are still right there with you. That is what allows a father not to go crazy when he thinks about his daughter or son embarking on such a journey. That parent knows their child (at any age) has grown and learned, developed values, wisdom, the ability to think and learn as well as a core identity that will travel with them every day of the year. You will never be alone, we are always with you, just like the runaway bunny. Love Dad