Monday, December 29, 2014

"Oh! Where are you going?" & Other Frequently Asked Questions

So, people being people, we tend to talk to each other. Not all of us do, which is totally fine, but a fair amount of us, myself included. That combined with my being a college student, a rather popular topic of conversation, beyond where I go to school and what I am studying, is what I am doing next semester. Obviously the answer to that is that I am going on Semester at Sea, which can be simplified to "studying abroad". Once that cat is out of the bag, the conversations tend to include some of the same questions. They are good questions, certainly better than ones that my mom got on her trip like if the faculty travels with them and if the ship has a generator. Those questions and their answers, both witty and legitimate ones, seem to be a pretty good introduction for this entire blog, and myself.

Please keep that in mind while reading.

"Oh! Studying abroad? That is wonderful! Where are you going?"
Inside Voice: Where am I not going is the better question!
Outside Voice: I'm going on Semester at Sea so I'm actually going to like 12 different countries. (Full itinerary posted on the right hand side of the page, complete with dates, for your convenience)

"Semester at Sea?"
Inside Voice: It's exactly what the name says it is. A semester at sea.
Outside Voice: It's a program through the Institute for Shipboard Education, which is currently based out of UVA. Basically, I'm spending 4 months on a cruise ship going all the way around the world.

"Do you take classes on the ship?"
Inside Voice: Well, it's through the Institute for Shipboard Education and a study abroad program...
Outside Voice: Yep. I'm taking four of them for about 12 credits. Three of them are regular classes and then I am also taking a Global Lens Class. (Full list with field labs to your right)

"Who are you going with?"
Inside Voice: The types of people I would be going to any other university with.
Outside Voice: About 700 other students. They are mostly from the US but they are from all over the world. There are also lifelong learners and faculty on the ship too.

"No, like do you know anyone else going? Are you going with a friend?"
Inside Voice: Yep. About 700 of them, I just don't know them yet.
Outside Voice: Nope. I've talked to some of them over Facebook but I don't actually know anyone else going.

"How do you pack for a trip like this?"
Only answer: I wish I knew.
(See upcoming post)

"So, are you excited?"
This answer is too long for this post. See the next one for the answer.